School Bus Code of Conduct

Procedure and Code of Conduct for Bus Students

The Board of Trustees of School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) expects that every person who uses the District bus services will ensure that each bus trip is a safe and pleasant experience for all passengers and driver.  Every person using the bus will demonstrate a concern for safety and respect for their fellow passengers and their bus by observing the following rules and regulations.

  1.    Riders should arrive at their stop 5 minutes prior the posted pick-up time and line up and enter the            bus in an orderly manner.
  2.    A student rider will only be allowed to disembark at their designated school or stop unless the                 parent/guardian has given prior written or personal approval or with permission of the School A         dministration.  Riders must never follow or attempt to stop a bus after they have disembarked.
 3.    Riders shall sit in the seats assigned by the driver and will co-operate with the driver in                             accommodating other studentsĂ­ seating needs. (Example: seating 3 to a seat.)  Seats may be              assigned at the driverĂ­s discretion.
  4.    Riders must remain seated - facing forward and isles must be kept clear at all times when bus is in     motion.  Loud noises and behaviours that could distract the bus driver may impact the safety of all             riders on the bus.
  5.    Eating of lunches and snacks may be allowed at the discretion of the driver.  If abused, this privilege         shall be suspended. Students shall leave no litter on the bus.  Any dropped items, that roll, should be         reported to the driver at the next stop.
  6.    See reverse for Transportation of Equipment on Buses.   
 7.    Students not using the bussing system on a regular basis will not be guaranteed a seat.  Regular = 3    days p/week.
 8.    The Principal may, upon written request from the parent, give the student permission to ride the bus    for a special reason.  Such request should not be frequent and must adhere to existing bus routes               and stops.
9.      .       Students may be told to cross the road in the front of the bus while the red flashing lights are                        activated and traffic is stopped.
Kindergarten Students
        Year one primary students will not be allowed to leave a school bus at a stop unless the bus driver is satisfied  that a responsible adult is at the stop, or in close visual contact with the stop.  When students are not allowed off the bus, they will be returned to the school and a parent with be contacted.

Standard of Student Conduct at School Bus Stops
Students shall abide by the same code of behaviour as would be expected at their schools.  The School
Principal has the authority under the School Act, Section 5.3 to discipline any student who misbehaves both to and from school, which includes at or near a bus stop.

NOTE:  Each driver has complete authority over his/her bus.  Principals and Vice-Principals at each school recognize and support the DriverĂ­s authority over all passengers.  The Safety of All Passengers Will Not Be Compromised.  Should any student not comply with the Code of Conduct outlined above, the Driver and/or Principal may suspend riding privileges or initiate other disciplinary measures.


Dear Parent/Guardian:                                                   Date: ________________________________

Please sign this form indicating you have read and agree with the above “Code of Conduct for Bus Students”.  Please return this portion to your childĂ­s Bus Driver before September 22, 2017 or bus privileges may be denied.

StudentĂ­s Name: (Please Print) _______________________________StudentĂ­s Signature: ________________________

ParentĂ­s/GuardianĂ­s Signature: ________________________________________

Physical Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________ Emergency Phone Contact: ________________________________________

School: ___________________ Grade: ____  Bus Stop: __________________________ Route Animal: ____________

Amendment/July 2017

Any equipment or items smaller than 30 inches (77cm) may be transported if they are kept on the studentĂ­s lap without impeding the seat of another student, and if carried in an appropriate case.

  • Musical Instrument (in appropriate case)
  • Ice Skates (in protective canvas bag)
  • Roller Blades (in protective canvas bag)
  • Skateboards and Scooters (in protective canvas bag or backpack)
Note: Hockey sticks, skis, poles, snowboards, longboards, large musical instruments, etc. will not be transported inside the school bus.

Larger items (over 30 inches) used for approved school programs may only be transported after receiving prior approval from the Transportation Office. These items will need to be transported in the exterior luggage compartment under the bus. A pre-approved “safe” bus stop is required in order for this equipment to be safely loaded in the exterior luggage compartment. These items should be in a protective waterproof case. Transportation will not be responsible for damage to equipment

  • Hockey gear
  • Large musical instruments (ex. trombone, guitar, saxophone, etc.)
  • Snow boards
  • Skis, poles and hockey sticks
Note: if a student rides a different bus home which does not meet the above requirements, the items will not be transported. Not all buses are equipped with an exterior luggage compartment.

There are a number of unusual items that will require pre-approval from the Transportation Office in order to be transported on the school bus.

  • Pumpkins ñ small pumpkins may be transported if they are contained within a sturdy canvas bag or backpack. Students need to be able to hold onto the bag/backpack during the trip and safely manage the article while getting on and off the bus.
  • Class projects - some of these projects are large and difficult to manage safely while getting on and off the bus.
The following items will not be transported on a school bus: laser pointers, booster seats, weapons, animals, drugs & alcohol, as per Motor Vehicle Act Regulations and District Policy.

It is the Parents/Guardians responsibility to transport any items which are deemed unsafe to be transported on a school bus.

Last Modified: Sep 05, 2017